Table Lamp Wireless Charger
Table Lamp Wireless Charger
Table Lamp Wireless Charger
Table Lamp Wireless Charger

Table Lamp Wireless Charger

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You love music. And you want it effortless. So we made it wireless. You’ll wonder why you did it any other way.

Our newest edition Table Lamp Wireless Charger consists of beautiful bed lights to light your bedside, while charging your phone. By simply placing your phone on the surface of the lamp, you can wirelessly charge your phone just like that!

The Light of Life - a single, uniquely shaped and astounding art piece that functions more than just a mere lamp. It's sleek and exhibits a thin, cherry wood shade, and brightness that can be smoothly adjusted via touch controls on the base.

In addition, the base of the lamp also has an integrated wireless charging pad, so you can charge any phone wirelessly!


Smooth touch controls to adjust brightness, Qi wireless phone charger,  Sleep Mode that turns off the light after 30 minutes of inactivity

Light touch function

  • The brightness of the touch once is 30%.
  • The secondary brightness of the touch is 70%
  • The brightness of the touch three times is 100%.
  • Touch the light four times to turn off the light
  • When the light is the brightest, it will darken to 30% according to the infinite dimming
  • When the light is darkest, the light is brightened to 100% by the infinite

Notice before use:

Please use the charging adapter included in the package to power the light;

Please do not disassemble the product or replace any part of this product;

Please do not crush, puncture, dispose of the product in a fire, expose directly under sunlight or drown in water;

Please do not use the product in a high-temperature environment;

Avoid drops, bumps, abrasions, and impacts;

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