Kitchen Dishes Sink Rack
Kitchen Dishes Sink Rack

Kitchen Dishes Sink Rack

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Grab You're Dish Rack today! This uniquely designed drying rack rests right over your sink, so that not only are you not wasting any space, all the excess water then drips right back into the sink for no mess afterward. It’s not only a way to dry your dishes, but the over-the-sink rack is also a great way to store your dishes if you have limited cupboard space. You can wash your dishes, put them in the over-the-sink drying rack and let them dry, and then keep them in there until you need to use a dish. At that point, it’s super easy to and convenient to just grab the plate or cup right from the drying rack.

Our Kitchen Dishes Sink Rack is unique over the sink, made from super durable 304 stainless steel so it’s made to last, has an incredibly functional design that lets you dry and store plates, bowls, cups, mugs, silverware, utensils, and more.

Not only can you dry and store dishes, silverware, and cups on the over-the-sink drying rack, but there’s even a spot to safely store and dry large knives, keep fresh produce or plants, place soap bottles or bars, hooks to hang towels, and a spot for drying cutting boards. Grab you're Dish Rack today! 

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