Instant Digital Body Thermometer

Instant Digital Body Thermometer

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Maintain your baby’s health and wellbeing at all times by preventing and interfering will illness through early detection using this fever Instant Digital Body Thermometer. This device is one incredibly high-tech device. With just a push of a button, you can take your baby’s temperature without even needing to touch him. Perfect for sleeping babies, you can continue to monitor them without disturbing sleep. You can easily take a temperature reading a short distance away.

Improved Technology

Instant Digital Body Thermometer measure the body temperature of an individual. For instance, it uses infrared energy. It emits infrared signals directly unto the skin above the eyebrow area. The device lens then analyses the power and then converts it into a temperature reading value. Baby digital forehead thermometers enable you to measure temperature in non-contact modes accurately. This device features a backlight LCD digital display. It is also lightweight and portable which makes it easy to use. The LCDs the digital temperature of the body in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Offers quick measurement times, the device can read the temp of your baby in seconds. The device even has an added fever alarm feature.

Product benefits

The infrared forehead Instant Digital Body Thermometer detects temperature in real time. Temperature readings are indeed one of the most basic vital signs used by clinicians, parents, and carers. It is done to assess children during acute illness episodes. This digital thermometer also functions as a monitoring device to check if your baby is getting better or not. Using infrared technology, you merely aim the thermometer at your baby’s forehead and squeeze the trigger. The result will be instantaneous and will be available on the device. So far, infrared thermometers are the fastest reading thermometers on the market. This electric thermometer is perfectly safe to use and is 100 times more reliable than using thermometer probes and mercury thermometers.


  • Fast temperature measurement: measurement time <1 second.
  • Dual-mode temperature measurement: It can measure human body temperature / material temperature / water temperature / ambient temperature.
  • Temperature alarm: The user can freely set the alarm temperature according to his own situation.
  • Unit conversion: Celsius and Fahrenheit can be converted between different countries and regions
  • Storage data: Store 32 sets of measurement data, which is convenient for individual and multi-person analysis and comparison.
  • Large-screen display: Large-screen LCD display, white backlight, can be clearly displayed under any light.
  • Easy-to-use power-saving: One-button measurement, simple and convenient operation; automatic power-saving shutdown for 15 seconds without operation
  • Ultra-long life: Install 2 AA batteries, can be used more than 100,000 times, and the service life of the product is> 3 million times.
  • Large-screen display: Large-screen LCD display, white backlight, can clearly display the measured value under any light.
  • Modification of settings: You can modify the setting parameters to adapt to the medical temperature measurement system in different countries (for people with different skin colours)
  • Infrared measurement: It only measures the infrared radiation signal emitted by the human body, and does not touch the human skin, which is harmless to the human body.



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