Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier
Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier
Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier
Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier
Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier
Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier

Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier

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Waking up in the middle of the night with the person next to you snoring is the stuff of nightmares...

Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction of your airway. As you fall asleep, muscles in your soft palate, throat and tongue relax. 

If those muscles relax too much, they can fall into the back of your throat and partially obstruct your airway. As you breathe, the air passes through the blocked airway and causes snoring.

The Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier is a breakthrough in new-aid technology, that treats snoring and sleep apnea, that people will actually use!  

It's easy to use! Simply insert the vent into the nostrils and sleep quietly and peacefully. This device effectively stops nose snoring by maximising air flow through the nasal passageways. 

In addition to quiet sleep, the Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier also has an air purifying filter that purifies the air of pollution and makes breathing easier!

Introducing the Anti-Snore Micro CPAP device:

  • ABS and silicone material is environmental, harmless and soft to fit in the nostril firmly and comfortably.
  • Relieving snore and nasal congestion to give back you and your partner a good night's sleep and smooth breathing pattern
  • Aiding sleep apnea without disturbing normal sleep. * Purifying air to allow you to breathe healthy and fresh air.
  • Mini size with lightweight will not add extra pressure to a nose, which is convenient to carry.
  • Simple and elegant to insert each night. No plugging in, background noise or straps from conventional CPAP machines

Anti Snoring Device Nose Purifier Liberates You and Your Partner 

Think about how liberated you could be with not just one good night's sleep, but a lifetime of good sleep. Think about the health problems you will avoid such as depression, high blood pressure and unnecessary stress.

Consider the relief of improved mood, less daytime sleepiness and uninterrupted REM sleep.  Think about the energy you will have. Think about how much more productive you will be at work, how alert you will be when you stop snoring and how your mental sharpness will improve with better sleep.

In short, think about how refreshed you will be when you start using Micro CPAP to manage your unnecessary loud snoring.


  • Brand Name: U-Kiss
  • Type: Anti Snore Nose Clip
  • Work Mode: Auto
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Model Number: Stopper
  • Color: blue, red, white
  • size: 70*60*30
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